The XX

November 16, 2009

So probably it’s evident that hot potato hot has gone light on regular posting and heavy on the music when they do happen. Am I going to break that trend right now? Hell no! We won’t go! Hell no! I mean I won’t let go but that is too long so hell no! We won’t go!

Continuing on, I love the grit of the content and the laziness in the voices of  the XX. They seem like the kind of kids who would dare each other to try crystal meth and would say, “Okay, but you have to get it. I’m not getting up for a very long time.” Then they’d all pass out and wake up the next day at 4 PM.

They’re playing on Saturday, December 6th at Webster Hall here in New York. Unfortunately they’re playing with a band that hurts my ears so I will not be there.


I Dare You

November 5, 2009

Just try to watch this video for “I Woke Up Today” without tapping your foot or wanting to become friends with Port O’Brien. It’s not possible.

Their new album Threadbare is out and while it’s not so boisterous it’s goooood.

I’m sofa-bound today with a cold. But with the dog show on TV and the self-titled Monsters of Folk album coming through my headphones, I’m quite enjoying the afternoon. Monsters of Folk is Jim James, Mike Mogis, Conor Oberst and M. Ward. This unnamed tattoed guy with a beard and long hair sitting next to me says their name is pretentious. Fine. I’ll give him that. They do deliver though and their styles and voices blend together to make something quite delightful.

I’m trying to decide who my favorite is on the album. I think it’s Jim–he can sure hit the notes I only dream about. Who’s yours?

New Yorkers, they’re playing here 11/6 and 11/8. If you’re willing to pony up 50 bones to see them, you can buy tickets here.

Built by Wendy Sample Sale

September 25, 2009

Giddy up!

Built by Wendy Sample Sale

Built by Wendy

Friday, 9/25-Sunday, 9/27

46 N. 6th bt Wythe & Kent

Williamsburg, BK

The Future Perfect SALE

September 18, 2009

Heeeey New Yorkers, My Coney tipped me off to The Future Perfect’s first ever sale. They’re taking 20 to 90 percent off slightly injured pieces from Moroso, Vitra, Droog, Kartell, Alessi and more. Prices start at $5.

The Future Perfect

The Future Perfect
September 18 to 22
12-7 each day
115 N. 6th St., Brooklyn
(718) 599-6278

How Scarves Can Save Fashion

September 16, 2009

Times are hard. Times are tough. How’s a lady to keep her look fresh when she’s scraping to get by?

Well my fashion-loving friends, the answer may lay in an almost extinct accessory—the silk scarf. Using those over-under techniques perfected during the days of French braids and topsy tails, one scarf can transform into a multitude of looks. From the cocoon to the accordion bow, outfits will never feel stale and thanks to this gift-with-purchase scarf guide, we’ll all be able to achieve these “classic” looks.

Classic KnotAccordian Bow / Kneck WrapBib & AscotPleated Drape & Slip KnotFake Bow & BowForehead Bow & Flower KnotShawl & Coat Wrap

Can’t read the tiny print? Email me if you want this guide in one printer-friendly file.

When there’s sleeping and enjoying life to be done. I’m looking forward to a long weekend with lots of r&r.

“Earlybird” by Eagles

Whichever way you say it, these bite-size pies are the dream treat for all pie crust lovers with their high crust-to-filling ratio, dessert lovers with small appetites, and lovers of all things fun. I made these for my #1 pie crust/dessert/fun-lover’s birthday party and they turned out so well, he thought I bought them…or does that mean he has little faith in my baking abilities? Nahhh.

Inspired by Luxirare’s genius, I present to you step-by-step Pie Pop baking directions.

Pie on a Stick / Pie Pops

Pie on a Stick / Pie Pops


2 frozen pre-made 9″ pie dough shells

1 C filling (I made mine with mixed berries, sugar and corn starch)

24  lollipop sticks, 4 inches long

egg whites

plastic wrap & twisty ties

Preheat oven to 375. When pie shells defrost to a malleable condition, flour dough, and roll into a thin sheet. Using a round cookie cutter with roughly a 1″ diameter and scalloped edges, cut out 24 circles. Peel away excess dough and transfer 12 pieces to an non-greased cookie sheet.

Pie Pop Ingredients

The Goods

To keep the lollipop sticks from browning in the oven, wrap 3/4 of each stick in aluminum foil. Press the stick into each mini pie shell, making sure to leave space between the foil and dough. Using a demitasse spoon, place a gum drop size dollop of the filling into the center of each circle. Place a pie shell on top, press the edges with your fingers to seal and, using a lollipop stick, make those oh-so-cute indents around the edge. Brush with egg whites and bake for 12 minutes or until just lightly golden brown.

Pie Pops Uncooked

Oven Ready

Let cool, cover in plastic wrap, and seal with a twisty-tie. I had a cardboard brick laying around (who doesn’t?!) so I used it as a stand but really, these guys should be in people’s hands and mouths–not on display.

Why did I use my iPhone to take these photos?

Why did I use my iPhone to take these photos?

Here are a couple lessons-learned tips for you: Don’t fret over getting them paper thin. If they’re too thin, they crack and ooze filling while baking and are difficult to handle. I had better success when I didn’t re-chill the dough after cutting out the circles. Trying to pile a lot of filling on will just result in it bursting at the seams in the oven. If you see little cracks in the dough when you’re done assembling, make a tiny bandaid with a dot of dough.

P.S. If any birthday party attendees have photos with their pie pops, send them on over and I’ll make you a food model right here on this not-world famous blog.

Dead Animals on Display

August 6, 2009

Taxidermy, photo by Michael WeschlerRyan Matthew, photo by Michael Weschlerdog taxidermy, photo by Michael Weschler

When people ask Ryan Matthew (above middle, of course) if he has any pets, what do you think his response is? Read about this “new vintage” style here and look at the slide show here.

Whenever I hear Daryl H and Johnny O sing “I Can’t Go For That (No Can Do)” my shoulders take over as the command center for my body’s movements. They begin moving back and forth in beat with the synthesizer, do rolls when the song gets extremely smooth, and play a slow tug of war with my head that always results in my upper body swaying as well. In short, I move like a mom feeling the music after her third margarita.

With that said, Hall & Oates are playing at Coney Island for free this Thursday. Get details here and flex the extra finger muscle by clicking through to YouTube to watch the video.