I Dare You

November 5, 2009

Just try to watch this video for “I Woke Up Today” without tapping your foot or wanting to become friends with Port O’Brien. It’s not possible.

Their new album Threadbare is out and while it’s not so boisterous it’s goooood.


When there’s sleeping and enjoying life to be done. I’m looking forward to a long weekend with lots of r&r.

“Earlybird” by Eagles

Whenever I hear Daryl H and Johnny O sing “I Can’t Go For That (No Can Do)” my shoulders take over as the command center for my body’s movements. They begin moving back and forth in beat with the synthesizer, do rolls when the song gets extremely smooth, and play a slow tug of war with my head that always results in my upper body swaying as well. In short, I move like a mom feeling the music after her third margarita.

With that said, Hall & Oates are playing at Coney Island for free this Thursday. Get details here and flex the extra finger muscle by clicking through to YouTube to watch the video.

Graham Nash Self PortraitNeil Young, Northern California 1988

Besides being a talented singer and songwriter, Graham Nash also took to photography, showing in galleries and publishing Eye to Eye, a collection of his photos. But hey, according to this song written the afternoon of his breakup with Joni Mitchell, he’s just a simple man.

is still alive. Man, I love Steve Martin.

The Highwaymen

June 9, 2009

Country’s supergroup The Highwaymen? Fantastic.

This video for “Highwayman” with their faces superimposed in the sky? Amazing.

Department of Eagles


Today started off well when a box of Stumptown was parked next to my desk. Each breath I take is sweetened by the scent of my favorite coffee. Then I found out the melodious sounds of the Department of Eagles’ “No One Does it Like You” will be set to visuals directed by Patrick Daughters, who brought us those great Kings of Leon, Feist and Yeah, Yeah, Yeah videos.

But wait, it gets better. The video is debuting at the MoMA on 3/24 as part of their PopRally series, Department of Eagles will be performing, and attendees will receive a limited edition poster by the talented Marcel Dzama. I love you, Tuesday.

Get event info here, listen to more of the Department of Eagles here, watch Daughters’ videos here and admire Dzama’s work here. See you there!

Adjust your chair. Grab a pillow. Clear the clutter from around your computer. It’s time to get comfy. If you’d like to sip on tea or maybe a cold lemonade, grab it now.

Okay, ready? Relax and enjoy some of the best optical phenomena, brought to you by The Whitest Boy Alive.

Having the laundromat do my laundry is a great, affordable perk of living in New York. For only a couple bucks more than the cost of doing it myself, I get my laundry nicely folded and socks matched. It’s a beautiful thing to me.

However, sending laundry out always carries a risk. A risk that can result in the loss or destruction of clothing. Here is the story of one laundry drop-off casualty.

Tom Petty: Music Video Prince

February 27, 2009

When I was a kid, I’d race from the car into the living room to turn on MTV so that I could watch the video of the song I had just been listening to. Except for one magical time, the video was never on MTV. I guess I wasn’t a fast enough runner.

Tom Petty videos fill a lot of my early MTV memories. “Runnin’ Down a Dream” was a cartoon, “Don’t Come Around Here No More” was a real life version of Alice and Wonderland and “Mary Jane’s Last Dance” played out like a modern day Brothers Grimm story. Add in good music and fun hats and what kid wouldn’t love Tom Petty? Here are some of my favorites videos. The jerks at Universal won’t let me embed the videos so you’ll have to take the extra step and click on each of the images.

Runnin Down a Dream

Runnin' Down a Dream

Don't Come Around Here No More

Don't Come Around Here No More

Into the Great Wide Open

Into the Great Wide Open

Mary Jane's Last Dance

Mary Jane's Last Dance