I’m sofa-bound today with a cold. But with the dog show on TV and the self-titled Monsters of Folk album coming through my headphones, I’m quite enjoying the afternoon. Monsters of Folk is Jim James, Mike Mogis, Conor Oberst and M. Ward. This unnamed tattoed guy with a beard and long hair sitting next to me says their name is pretentious. Fine. I’ll give him that. They do deliver though and their styles and voices blend together to make something quite delightful.

I’m trying to decide who my favorite is on the album. I think it’s Jim–he can sure hit the notes I only dream about. Who’s yours?

New Yorkers, they’re playing here 11/6 and 11/8. If you’re willing to pony up 50 bones to see them, you can buy tickets here.


This week is busy like whoa. When things get crazy, I gravitate towards calm music. Enter Robert Francis. On a different day, I may say he doubles as a sleep aid but today, he’s the tranquilizer shot I need.

Tom Petty: Music Video Prince

February 27, 2009

When I was a kid, I’d race from the car into the living room to turn on MTV so that I could watch the video of the song I had just been listening to. Except for one magical time, the video was never on MTV. I guess I wasn’t a fast enough runner.

Tom Petty videos fill a lot of my early MTV memories. “Runnin’ Down a Dream” was a cartoon, “Don’t Come Around Here No More” was a real life version of Alice and Wonderland and “Mary Jane’s Last Dance” played out like a modern day Brothers Grimm story. Add in good music and fun hats and what kid wouldn’t love Tom Petty? Here are some of my favorites videos. The jerks at Universal won’t let me embed the videos so you’ll have to take the extra step and click on each of the images.

Runnin Down a Dream

Runnin' Down a Dream

Don't Come Around Here No More

Don't Come Around Here No More

Into the Great Wide Open

Into the Great Wide Open

Mary Jane's Last Dance

Mary Jane's Last Dance

John Tesh Scats

December 18, 2008

Ohhh John Tesh. He’s not embarrassed to play the answering machine message of himself singing the NBA theme. This kind of makes me a Johnny T fan.

Bow bikadida dow deh deh.

But Do They Run?

December 16, 2008

Okay, okay. Just one last video before I hang up my Neil Young obsession hat. This one is a tour of his car collection.

What Moves!

December 5, 2008

I think I may love the trainer’s uninhibited dancing the most.