The XX

November 16, 2009

So probably it’s evident that hot potato hot has gone light on regular posting and heavy on the music when they do happen. Am I going to break that trend right now? Hell no! We won’t go! Hell no! I mean I won’t let go but that is too long so hell no! We won’t go!

Continuing on, I love the grit of the content and the laziness in the voices of  the XX. They seem like the kind of kids who would dare each other to try crystal meth and would say, “Okay, but you have to get it. I’m not getting up for a very long time.” Then they’d all pass out and wake up the next day at 4 PM.

They’re playing on Saturday, December 6th at Webster Hall here in New York. Unfortunately they’re playing with a band that hurts my ears so I will not be there.