Brainstorm Wall Art

June 8, 2009

I did some strolling around at Renegade and fell for Brainstorm. They have so many great silkscreen prints. See what they have for sale here or if you’re going to Bonnaroo (lucky), check out the logo on the Bonnaroo merch. They designed it!

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My aunt, a librarian, proved to me in junior high that librarians can be ahead of the curve when she sent me Vera Bradley years before it became the quilted sensation it now is. My high school library showed me they were tech savvy by using laserdiscs. Now, the Library of Congress has proved they know what’s up by uploading over 5,000 photos to their Flickr photostream.

The photos begin in the Abe Lincoln days and go through the 40’s. In true librarian fashion, they’re well organized and tagged for easy searching. I especially love their stunning photochroms of Norwegian wilderness and the color photos of American life during the Great Depression and WWII. That’s right, life existed in color before the 60’s.

And as if it couldn’t get better, the photos don’t have copyright restrictions. Go nuts!

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84th division

Walls Notebook

I’ve got crazy mad graf skillz. It’s true. You’ve just never seen them because I don’t vandalize property. That is illegal and disrespectful and doesn’t gel with my upstanding lifestyle.

I recently gifted Sherwood Forlee’s Walls Notebook. It’s filled with 80 blank walls to tag. I can’t wait to steal it and burn each page with back-to-back pieces.

You can get a taste of the book here by creating your own emailable piece. And while you’re at it, brush up on the terminology here. Not that I had to or anything.

I like art. I like it adorning my walls, dripping creativity, shifting moods and inspiring me. What I don’t like is how expensive original art is. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I get that the money goes to keep artists fed and churning out the good stuff but man, talk about a barrier to entry.

Enter, a site created by Jen Bekman to help bring art to people like me. She’s figured out this great equation (refer to the headline) that allows people to buy original art at affordable prices. Each week she adds a photo and a work on paper at usually three price levels: $20, $200 or $2000. As the price goes up, so does its size while the number of prints available goes down. (I can just see the econ chart now!) Anyway, the artistic and print quality both rock so start shopping.The Mountain of Westward Expansion by William Crump

think-make-think by Clifton Burt


Make Your Own Obama Poster

January 23, 2009


Because nothing says progress like the snuggie. If you haven’t done it already, click here to create your version of Shepard Fairey’s Obama art.

DIY Online Sand Art

December 4, 2008


Remember when sand was dyed a gradient of colors and packed between two panes of glass? You’d find this shifting sand art on your dad’s desk at the office or on living room tables and get mesmerized by the grains of sand tumbling over each other to fill the empty space as you turned it on its side.

The enjoyment of watching sand grains fall is back thanks to You can create art by dragging your mouse over the page, using the gray gradient reminiscent of the sand art of yesteryear, or choose your own colors. Unfortunately you can’t tip your laptop afterward and watch it transform again so don’t bother trying. Not that I tried or anything.