Know Your Flying Rights

December 19, 2008


While the flurry of snow coming down is beautiful, I can’t help but get nervous about how this weather will affect my flight across the country tomorrow. Delays, missed connections and cancellations are pretty much the biggest holiday buzz killers. Obviously you have no control over these things but knowing the policy of your airline can make the difference between flying first class for free on another airline (thanks Northwest!) or sleeping in the airport (ahem Jet Blue).

You may have heard about Rule 240, which gives you rights when your domestic flight is delayed due to the carrier’s fault and not due to weather. Not all airlines have it or handle it the same way. has created a handy chart that shows how each airline addresses it. They also link to carriers’ contracts which is worth printing off and having with you since it covers other issues. View the chart and contracts here.

And so that you’re not the cause of missing your flight, check estimated security checkpoint wait times here.

Good luck and may the force be with you.