Dirty, Dirty Produce

March 25, 2009

picture-23Do we really have to wash lettuce? Drying it calls for a half roll of paper towels and a wet salad is just gross. According to this list of produce with the most pesticides, you bet your nervous system you do. See the full list here and while you’re at it, invest in a salad spinner here.



Gaming Meets Art, Sorta

March 19, 2009

Hunky Dory by Glenn Brown

Glenn Brown slide gameFeel up to some online gaming but you’re fresh out of Mountain Dew and your internet friends are at class? I have a solution for you, my lonesome friend. Introducing The Glenn Brown slide game.

Okay, okay. You won’t be killing anyone but you will stare at somewhat eerie images. And hey, you can talk British art with the ladies afterward instead of your usual “why Guild Wars is better than Diablo 2” routine.
Learn more about Glenn Brown here and play the game here.

Adjust your chair. Grab a pillow. Clear the clutter from around your computer. It’s time to get comfy. If you’d like to sip on tea or maybe a cold lemonade, grab it now.

Okay, ready? Relax and enjoy some of the best optical phenomena, brought to you by The Whitest Boy Alive.

Brooklyn’s Indie Food Scene

February 25, 2009

Tony Cenicola for The New York Times

I have always loved the anti-corporate approach to life in Brooklyn. We turn out some of the best music, art, fashion and food—making it easy to buy local and support the mom and pops of the borough. The New York Times did a great piece today on some of the wunderkinds of the Brooklyn indie food scene. Read the full article and see their interactive Brooklyn map here.

My aunt, a librarian, proved to me in junior high that librarians can be ahead of the curve when she sent me Vera Bradley years before it became the quilted sensation it now is. My high school library showed me they were tech savvy by using laserdiscs. Now, the Library of Congress has proved they know what’s up by uploading over 5,000 photos to their Flickr photostream.

The photos begin in the Abe Lincoln days and go through the 40’s. In true librarian fashion, they’re well organized and tagged for easy searching. I especially love their stunning photochroms of Norwegian wilderness and the color photos of American life during the Great Depression and WWII. That’s right, life existed in color before the 60’s.

And as if it couldn’t get better, the photos don’t have copyright restrictions. Go nuts!

vermontstatefairgenevie clarkhardanger fjord norway

84th division

"Don't drop it just yet, fellas."

"Don't drop it just yet, fellas."

It’s that day of the year when we stare at the clock with the same intensity as we did last period of school. Someone starts the midnight countdown and is countered by at least one or two other people yelling out different numbers. After a short power struggle (which, let’s be honest is really just a yelling match), everyone gets on the same beat, does the final count off, yells, “Happy New Years,” kisses, hugs, “whooos!,”  then quiets down just in time to hear the party next door yell, “Happy New Years!” Oh humanity, will we ever be on the same tempo?

To throw another wrench into the New Year’s countdown, 2008 has a leap second. Yes, a leap second. Apparently Earth has been a little slow at rotating this year so to get back on time with solar time (that’d be the time spaceman follow), another second is being slapped onto 2008. It’s true! Read the full article here.

Want Cake or Fruit?

December 11, 2008


Which one did you pick? WNYC’s Radiolab did an interesting piece on the role logic and emotion play in our decision making. There’s actually an explanation as to why you cave on your healthy streak and go for the good stuff and why it’s impossible to make all of your decisions using logic.

Clearly the woman in this photo chose to have her dog call the shots. I like to believe she defaults to it on all matters. If you have 30 minutes, it’s definitely a good listen. (The last 30 minutes are about a casino and just okay if you don’t want to commit an hour.) Listen to the podcast here.