Built by Wendy Sample Sale

September 25, 2009

Giddy up!

Built by Wendy Sample Sale

Built by Wendy

Friday, 9/25-Sunday, 9/27

46 N. 6th bt Wythe & Kent

Williamsburg, BK


How Scarves Can Save Fashion

September 16, 2009

Times are hard. Times are tough. How’s a lady to keep her look fresh when she’s scraping to get by?

Well my fashion-loving friends, the answer may lay in an almost extinct accessory—the silk scarf. Using those over-under techniques perfected during the days of French braids and topsy tails, one scarf can transform into a multitude of looks. From the cocoon to the accordion bow, outfits will never feel stale and thanks to this gift-with-purchase scarf guide, we’ll all be able to achieve these “classic” looks.

Classic KnotAccordian Bow / Kneck WrapBib & AscotPleated Drape & Slip KnotFake Bow & BowForehead Bow & Flower KnotShawl & Coat Wrap

Can’t read the tiny print? Email me if you want this guide in one printer-friendly file.

The Uniform Project

July 15, 2009

The Uniform Project

The Uniform Project tells a visual story of how one stylish woman wears the same black dress everyday. Day in and out, she wears the same (albeit very versatile) dress, accessorizes it, and snaps a shot of her outfit. While the fashion challenge was created to raise money for charity, the fashion creations completely raise the bar on accessorizing. I’m beyond impressed with the outfits she puts together.

The Love and I went to Atlanta for our first time last week. After going to a Braves game and the World of Coca-Cola (a bust, don’t go unless you like to waste money), we drove to the Buckhead area in search of charm and character. We found next to none, just lots of new developments, strip malls and offices.

We saw a woman who looked like “our people” and asked her where we should go for a drink and to see a cooler side of the city. Her immediate response was to leave Buckhead and head to Little Five Points.

Little Five Points is on Atlanta’s Eastside and home to a lot of hip independent restaurants, bars, stores and craftsman-style homes. I really liked Soul Veg, a great vegetarian restaurant, and fell for Vacation, an awesome art and clothing store down the street. Pass under “Have Love, Will Travel” on Vacation’s door and find nicely edited and priced vintage clothes for men and women, art for sale on the wall, and music. Stir in lots of light from the huge storefront windows, bright clothes and neon colored signage and the store really captures the feeling of excitement and fun I found on vacation.

Vacation also has a blog. Read it up here.

Vacation Gallery and BoutiqueVacation interiorVacation music posters

Bolivian Jackpot

March 24, 2009

While trolling the web for a bowler hat like the vibrantly dressed Bolivian women wear, I came upon caserita.com. It doesn’t carry bowler hats but does carry beautiful, handmade Bolivian clothing, decorations and accessories at awesome prices. I’m kind of going nuts over this rug, these pillows and all the leather bags.

If you want to play a little game, guess how much each item costs then scroll over the photo for the answer. What fun!

$49 Rug$6 pillow$65 briefcase$40 purse

Holy F, I can’t believe it’s Friday. Not because this week flew by but because it felt like the last three days should have been Friday. Days like this have me wanting to blow some hard earned cash on something beautiful and creative, like Marquis & Camus jewelry. These necklaces could transform me into so many fun alter egos.

Victorian Gansta

Victorian Gansta

Admiral's Lady

Admiral's Lady

Wind Chime-owning Crystal Reader

Wind Chime-owning Crystal Reader

And for what it’s worth, they’re 50% off. See Marquis & Camus’ full collection here.

Bearded Ski Masks

February 18, 2009


Everyday people: The day has come where you don’t have to look like you’re going to maul someone when you’re just trying to stay warm. 

Villains: Wreak havoc with style! 

These Beard Head hats may be the best cold weather invention since hand warmers. I love that they come in viking, lumberjack, pirate and grandpa styles with an option to switch out the standard ‘stache for a fu manchu. You can buy them here

icecreamlampLighting is something to be taken seriously when decorating and laying out a space. It impacts the entire room and helps create a mood. I can’t understand why there isn’t a domestic consensus on getting this lamp. I mean, really, how can you not want soft serve to light up your day?

The lamp and a bunch of other goodies made for people who enjoy fun are available here or at their store in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.

Fred Flare
131 Meserole Ave at Leonard Street
Greenpoint, Brooklyn 11222, 718-349-1257

Here are some great finds I came across in my search for the ultimate Valentine’s Day gift. Click on the photos to buy.


Letter-pressed 11" x 19" poster on recycled paper for $36.

Chocolate Wii Avatars for $10

Bite eachother's heads off with chocolate Wii avatars for $10.

A t-shirt that shows true love and cost $23.

I don't get it either but the huh factor makes me love it. It's $23.

I Heart You when you're not even there for $3.50.

I Heart You when you're not even there for $3.50.

Built by Wendy Sale

December 7, 2008


Built by Wendy’s Fall 2008 collection is on sale with most items 50% off. Buy it here.