Candy Floor to Ceiling

December 8, 2008

Economy Candy

As Christmas approaches, my sweets intake exponentially increases so what a great time to talk about Economy Candy. With its unparalleled selection, it is the best candy store in New York and quite possibly the entire world. It offers every kind of candy imaginable: hand dipped chocolates, bulk candy, gift packages, enormous novelty candy and accessories, and (my favorite) candy not sold anymore at most stores.

I can continue to see how much Big League Chew I can fit in my mouth and test my Warhead threshold thanks to Economy Candy. If you’re the sort who orders a fruit bowl with cottage cheese at brunch and none of this has been appealing, there is still something for you: the dried fruit and sugar free candy section. With its anti-candy options, it really does prove to have something for everyone. I recommend going in person to get the full experience (108 Rivington between Ludlow and Essex) but you can also shop online here.

Economy Candy Store