Interesting/Severly Nerdy New Years Fact

December 31, 2008

"Don't drop it just yet, fellas."

"Don't drop it just yet, fellas."

It’s that day of the year when we stare at the clock with the same intensity as we did last period of school. Someone starts the midnight countdown and is countered by at least one or two other people yelling out different numbers. After a short power struggle (which, let’s be honest is really just a yelling match), everyone gets on the same beat, does the final count off, yells, “Happy New Years,” kisses, hugs, “whooos!,”  then quiets down just in time to hear the party next door yell, “Happy New Years!” Oh humanity, will we ever be on the same tempo?

To throw another wrench into the New Year’s countdown, 2008 has a leap second. Yes, a leap second. Apparently Earth has been a little slow at rotating this year so to get back on time with solar time (that’d be the time spaceman follow), another second is being slapped onto 2008. It’s true! Read the full article here.


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